With a corporate career spanning almost thirty years within Sales, HR, Legal, Operational Risk and Banking environments, we at Grainne Toher Ltd ‘get’ first-hand the wellness needs of both employees and their employers.


A teacher member of British Wheel of Yoga and an associate member of the Association for Yoga Studies, Grainne has been teaching since 2012.  Grainne is also an insured and accredited Instructor of Mat Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness.


Having experienced first hand the efficacy of these body/mind disciplines in her own life, during a prolonged period of stress and physical injury, Grainne embodies an informed, fun and passionate teaching approach with all of her diverse range of clients, empowering them towards a place of improved health and well-being.


The world is changing, the wellness industry is moving with the times too, here at Grainne Toher Ltd HQ, we have embraced some of the new technology to bring you a highly accessible, meditation app on Google Play, entitled Still Mind™. 


We have also launched a business to business Yoga service called Yogapal™.


Click our apps page for more information.


From my heart to yours.