Yoga, Meditation and Pilates

Group Classes

I work with studios, companies, night schools and clinics as a Yoga, Meditation and Pilates teacher.

My approach to teaching Yoga is focused on breath, grounding, space, centring and ancient wisdom.  My Meditation classes are accessible to all.  Before long new practitioners are delighted to state that they are experiencing increasing moments of real peace of mind.  The Pilates classes I teach are heavily focused on body awareness, the spine and core.  Huge emphasis is placed on linking the exhalation with core activation.

For full details on any of the above please call me or text me on 0873214027.

Private Lessons

Some clients loathe the idea initially of attending a group class, for personal, physical or sometimes confidence reasons.  I work privately with clients to support their body and mind connection using techniques from yoga, pilates, meditation and ancient wisdom.

For more details on any of the above please drop me a line via the Contacts page