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The Story of Yogapal

   ‘Yoga to your door’

Spring 2018 was a busy one, I was working on a meditation app called Still Mind  (now available on Google Play) and a personal yoga memoir called Breathe and Bloom (coming soon to Amazon), thus I had scaled back my teaching hours a little.

Of course, we had a wonderful heatwave this summer too, which was affecting how classes were running and resourced everywhere.

During this time, I was getting calls, texts and emails for last minute teaching cover and requests to deliver corporate classes.  I realised, that there was no one platform to bring all of the requests together and that the system of teaching in Ireland all quite random and ad-hoc.

As I was working through the yoga memoir, I was reflecting on my newly qualified days as a yoga teacher.  I had left behind a corporate career of almost thirty years in HR, Sales, Legal, Risk and Operations environments.  I had begun teaching life, very gratefully with one class.  This yoga class was kindly passed to me to help me get started by one of my yoga tutors, as I tried to secure other teaching work.  It took time to break the yoga jobs market.

An idea began to take shape in my mind and I realised that we needed an online yoga marketplace.  I approached Enterprise Ireland with my idea and they gave me great support to develop it.

I also surveyed our yoga teacher community and different segments in the yoga consumer market.  On the back of the research, it was clear there were very many newly-qualified teachers trying to break the yoga jobs market and that on the other side of the coin there were clients trying to make contact with them.

Thus Yogapal was born.  We are a small, growing start-up composed of personally selected teachers and myself.  Given my long and varied corporate background, I understand the wellness and well-being concerns experienced by both employers and employees.  My teaching panel all understand the commercial needs of our clients and yet all have the same ‘heartful’ approach to yoga, as embodied by T.K.V Desikachar – and others among the original founding fathers of yoga.

In keeping with those personal yet commercial values, our tagline is

‘Yogapal – because we care’.

Our teachers believe in delivering premium, accredited, insured and accessible teaching to our clients.  We provide the mats and we also offer quality Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness.

There are options to suit all of our market segments – one-off bookings for wellness events, class-passes, courses and last minute cover.

Making a booking with Yogapal couldn’t be simpler, visit Yogapal and click the Book Online button on the front page and make your selection.



Grainne Toher, Founder of Yogapal and Still Mind