Pilates Mat

Pilates Benefits

  1. It’s a full body workout, whilst Pilates method develops your core muscles, it does not overwork some muscles whilst neglecting others:
  2. Pilates is perfectly suitable and fully adaptable to all ages and abilities;
  3. You will build muscle in Pilates but not bulk, the exercises develop long and lean muscles;
  4. We learn to find fuller range of motion and flexibility in Pilates in a safe and controlled way;
  5. Core muscles get strengthened, so as to better support the frame of the body;
  6. The method teaches good posture and good alignment;
  7. Our overall breathing improves as a result of the better alignment of the spine and the increased lung capacity from the Pilates breath;
  8. The body/mind connection is stronger as a result of what Joseph Pilates himself called ‘the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit’.