Set your intention to try one a day for a week and notice the difference


  1. Go outside. Get into the garden, leave your desk at lunchtime and take a walk in the park.  Weather permitting remove shoes and socks and notice how the grass feels under the feet;


  1. Park the smartphone addiction. Try it out two for hours, put the phone on airplane mode, pop it upstairs if possible or at least in the furthest room and just sit and be;


  1. Make soup. Get tons of vegetables from the market, set aside all other tasks and just enjoy chopping mindfully each ingredient with care whilst doing absolutely nothing else;







  1. Pick up a paperback novel. Put all devices aside and sit in a room with no screens.  Notice how turning the pages feels and mindfully enjoy every word;


  1. Eat at the table. Set all devices aside and carefully bite, chew and taste every morsel.  Turn each piece of food over in the mouth and notice the textures and tastes of each one against the various tissues of the mouth.  Your digestion will thank you for it;


  1. Meet a friend or close family member. Put your devices away, sit tight and spend the first hour listening intently to them bring you up to speed on their lives.  Resist the urge to jump in at every opportunity with your story.  You will feel a much closer connection to them;


  1. For five minutes sit comfortably with supports on the floor or against the wall. Close your eyes and start to attend fully to your exhale and allow it to gently caress your throat on the way out.  Observe the pause at the very end, then notice the natural inhale fill you up.


In this current moment all is well.