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I have been reflecting on our ‘WHY’, why do we ‘get it’ and the reasons that we care…….


  • As ex-corporates ourselves, our panelists have experienced huge benefits from body/mind disciplines and want to share those benefits freely with you;
  • Yogapal wants to give your employees a ‘time out’ from the anxiety that so often accompanies the ‘always on’ culture;
  • We want to reach the ‘burnt out’ colleague who is at the end of their rope at home and at work and offer them something by way of respite;
  • Our hope is to touch those lonely, isolated workers who for whatever private and personal reasons feel excluded in their team or in their workplace;
  • Modern life is largely sedentary and our bodies are often in a state of tightness or collapse, our offerings are designed to support your staff’s return to full physical health;
  • Your teams may be physically present but their minds can be elsewhere, Yogapal can support you to bringing them into the current, more productive moment;
  • Sometimes our minds and bodies have let us down, they haven’t delivered as they should and this can create a feeling of powerlessness resulting in weight gain, injury, excess and depression, we want to equip your people with the tools to return them to a state of empowerment in body, mind and spirit.

Call us on 087 3214027 to arrange a coffee and let’s see what Yogapal can do for you.

Grainne – Founder – Yogapal and Still Mind